Ilwis 3.8

Loads GIS images and processes images, spatial analysis, and digital mapping

Integrates the tools to process GIS images an advanced way with support for spatial analysis and digital mapping. Supports raster and vectorial designs as well as the import and export of the widely used data formats. The comprehensive set of image processing tools will ensure maximum graphical image output.

Ilwis is an open source software that provides users with multiple tools to help them realize raster object manipulation, with an accent on analyzing and digitizing data. The program is most suitable for students or researchers because of the various and complexly embedded functionalities.

The program's interface doesn't really stand out, having an outdated look, with small menu icons and non-descriptive toolbar buttons. Moreover, the embedded customizations are too elementary and limit the end user action impact.

Ilwis lets users perform various operations thanks to multiple project options, like raster maps, object collections, rose diagrams, scripts, representations or raster maps.

In addition to these options, with the Operation-Tree users are able to process images or perform segment operations, as well as access a large collection of utilities, statistics or SEBS tools.

Last but not least, the program offers the possibility of managing map classification, calculate distances, create histograms or execute pattern analysis.

All in all, Ilwis is a program that comprises a wide collection of tools that are very appreciated by researchers, not to mention the fact that it's free. The downsides are represented by the poor interface and lack of advanced customizations.

John Saunders
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Review summary


  • Perform segment operations
  • Calculates distances
  • Executes pattern analysis


  • Lacks advanced customizations
  • Has a poorly shaped interface
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